Chevron is one of the world's leading producers of geothermal energy and has major operations in Indonesia. Geothermal energy is created by the heat of the earth. It generates reliable power and emits almost no greenhouse gases.

Two Chevron subsidiaries operate geothermal projects on the island of Java. Chevron Geothermal Indonesia, Ltd., manages the Darajat project and Chevron Geothermal Salak, Ltd., operates the Salak project. The Darajat project supplies geothermal steam to a plant that generates 270 megawatts of electricity. All power from the Darajat site is sold directly to the national grid. Chevron holds a 95 percent operating interest in Darajat.

Chevron owns the Salak project, one of the largest geothermal operations in the world. The field supplies steam to a six-unit power plant—three of which are company-owned—with a total operating capacity of 377 megawatts.

The combined output from our Darajat and Salak geothermal operations now produces sufficient renewable energy to supply approximately 3 million homes in Indonesia.

Our Geothermal Operations

For more than 30 years Chevron has been a leader in geothermal development and our Darajat and Salak operations represent approximately 50 percent of Indonesia’s geothermal production.

Chevron also operates and has a 95 percent interest in the North Duri Cogeneration Plant in Sumatra, which supplies up to 300 megawatts of electrical power to CPI as well as steam in support of CPI's Duri steamflood project.

Building on its long-term presence and geothermal experience in Indonesia, Chevron is committed to support the growing needs of renewable energy for the country’s development. Chevron continue pursuing investment opportunity in geothermal by actively participating in preliminary survey works and in government tender processes.