PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI) operates 90 fields in Sumatra with two major fields, Duri and Minas. Additionally CPI manages Dumai Wharf, the final terminal for oil transport.

The majority of CPI's Sumatran production in 2011 came from fields in the Rokan production sharing contract (PSC). Duri, the largest field, has been using steamflooding technology to improve production since 1985 and is one of the world's largest steamflood developments. In 2011, steam injection was deployed in 80 percent of the field.

Our Sumatra Operations

On Sumatra, Chevron operates the world’s largest steamflood development – Duri – and the largest oilfield discovered in Southeast Asia – Minas.

We continue to implement projects designed to sustain production, increase recovery and improve reliability from existing reservoirs. In producing areas of the Duri Field, 212 production wells and 58 steam-injection and observation wells were drilled in 2011. Development also continued in the northern region of the field. Government approvals for construction contracts for the North Duri Development Area 13 expansion project are expected in 2012, with startup scheduled for 2013.

We also manage extensive waterflood operations at the Minas Field. In the Minas Field, 50 production wells were drilled during 2011, and work continued toward optimizing the waterflood program there. In 2011, we made progress on a pilot project for a chemical injection process that could further improve recoverability of light oil in Minas and surrounding fields.

In 2011, six successful appraisal wells were drilled in the Kulin, Duri and Bekasap fields. In addition, two exploration wells were drilled. One, in the Sangsam East Prospect, was unsuccessful, and the other, in the Jorang Field, was still being evaluated as of early 2012. Appraisal drilling is planned in the Kulin and Bekasap fields for 2012.

Crude oil from Chevron’s Sumatra production fields is transported to Dumai through a pipeline system extending some 550 km, and reaches a tank farm with a storage capacity of 5.1 million barrels. From the tank farm, oil is pumped to the Pertamina refinery and oil tankers at Dumai Wharf. Using high-capacity pumps, Dumai Wharf can load four tankers simultaneously.

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