In Indonesia, we promote healthy communities and improve access to health care in the communities where we operate. We run a number of programs to promote access to basic human needs, including our partnership with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Our health programs include:

Combating HIV and AIDS

We play an active role in combating HIV and AIDS in Indonesia through education, initiatives and local programs aimed at our employees and their families, as well as the communities where we operate. We support comprehensive awareness, prevention, voluntary testing and counseling services, treatment and an anti-discrimination approach for all our employees and their family members. We also collaborate with local and non-governmental organizations to organize and participate in HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness campaigns for surrounding communities throughout our operations in Riau, East Kalimantan, West Java and Jakarta.

We also helped establish the “I Wanna Live” HIV and AIDS awareness campaign for students and youth in West Java. The program has successfully reached more than 25,000 youngsters.

Improving health care

Developing Partnerships, Empowering Communities We support maternal and child health programs to keep mothers and babies healthy. In the Minas and Penajam Paser Utara, we have worked together with our partners to substantially improve the health of pregnant women, postpartum women and their infants by enhancing the community capacity and access to better quality maternal and newborn health services. Chevron has worked with local governments and organizations to help midwives and volunteers in ten villages in Riau and East Kalimantan to prepare for childbirth and newborn complications through the Desa Siaga imitative. Desa Siaga, meaning “Alert Village,” advocates that everyone should take a part in helping save mothers’ lives. Additionally, we have recently offered capacity building training to local health care teams in nine villages.