The provisions of Tender registration are as follows:
1. Bidder Candidate must register by submitting Registration Document at specified registration period and venue as specified in the Tender Announcement.
2. Bidder Candidate with no Administration Documents Replacement Certificate (SPDA) in CIVD (Centralized Integrated Vendor Database, is not eligible to participate in Tender registration proses.
3. Particular for Other Services and Construction Services, Bidder Candidate shall be incorporated under the law of Indonesia.
4. Other Provisions:
  a. If Bidder Candidate registers as a Consortium:
    1. The Leadfirm and Consortium members shall have SPDA in CIVD. In the event the consortium member is not incorporated under Indonesian law (Foreign Company), SPDA CIVD is not required, but it has to submit required documents, i.e : Article of Incorporation and Certificate of Domicile.
    2. The Leadfirm shall own business license certificate and registration certificate of business supporting oil and gas industry on Business Section/Business Sub-section which is aligned with tender requirement.
    3. The Leadfirm shall have business qualification as required and consortium members shall not have higher business qualification.
  b.   Capability of fulfillment of TKDN commitment document as required (FORM/P4/20/REV.000) signed by:
    1. Supreme Leader; or
    2. Officer who has the authority based on deed of establishment and it's amendment, Company's Anggaran Dasar/Anggaran Rumah Tangga (AD/ART), or Power of Attorney letter; or
    3. In the event Bidder Candidate registers as a Consortium, this document is signed by Director's of Consortium's Leadfirm
  c. In case the Tender announcement does not set TKDN value minimum threshold as requirement, Bidder Candidate does not need to submit copy of TKDN certificate issued by government agencies which oversees industrial sector or Capability of fulfillment of TKDN commitments document.
Tender registration cover letter (FORM/P4/13/REV.002) and Capability of fulfillment of TKDN commitment (FORM/P4/20/REV.000) documents can be downloaded at website menu Procurement.
Classification of companies (Small, Medium, Large Business) refers to applicable regulations at relevant government technical institutions as evidenced by a valid business license issued by the government technical institutions.