Campaign Highlights Common Ground on Energy Issues

Jakarta, Dec. 19, 2011 – Chevron Corporation today launched a new global advertising campaign titled "We Agree" in Indonesia. The campaign highlights the common ground Chevron shares with people around the world on key energy issues. It also describes the actions the company takes in producing energy responsibly and in supporting the communities where it operates.

"We hear what people say about oil companies – that they should develop renewable, support communities, create jobs and protect the environment – and the fact is, we agree," said Jeff Shellebarger, Managing Director Chevron IndoAsia Business Unit. "This campaign demonstrates our values as a company and the greater value we provide in meeting the world's demand for energy. There is a lot of common ground on energy issues if we take the time to find it."

The campaign includes a series of print ads and 30-second TV spots that focus on five main themes:

  • Commitment – Demonstrating our long term commitment as Indonesia's largest oil producer to supporting the country prosper.
  • Resources – Demonstrating our strong reinvestment of profits into energy development, local economies and job creation.
  • Technology – Showcasing the advanced technologies Chevron is investing in to find new energy and work cleaner, smarter and safer.
  • Community Development – Emphasizing the partnerships and programs Chevron is involved in to support health, education and socioeconomic development in the communities where it operates.
  • Ecosystem – Demonstrating Chevron's initiative which shows that with the proper management in place, the environment and industry can co-exist.

Both the TV and print ads feature declarative statements about the energy industry that are designed to illustrate the mutual agreement between Chevron, its partners and the general community. All of the print and TV ads can be found at

Chevron is one of the world's leading integrated energy companies and through its Indonesian subsidiaries, has been present in Indonesia for 87 years. With the ingenuity and commitment of approximately 7,000 high skilled and dedicated employees, Chevron Indonesia leads as Indonesia's largest producer of crude oil. From our onshore oil fields in Riau, Sumatra and our offshore fields in East Kalimantan, we have produced more than 12 billion barrels of oil to meet the energy needs of Indonesia's growing economy. In addition, Chevron is the leading geothermal producer in Indonesia with two geothermal projects in West Java, Darajat and Salak, generate 636 MW of clean, reliable and affordable energy, which represents over 50% of total geothermal production in Indonesia's growing economy.

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